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        Grasp the market demand and meet product differentiation
        Production capacity

        There are multiple automated and precise production equipment

        Meet urgent orders

        Fast delivery of stock products in stock

        Custom production

        Can be customized according to customer requirements

        Worry-free service

        Professionals provide service support

        Hot ProductsDevelop high-performance polyurethane products+More
        Breaker shock absorber
        Polyurethane product series
        Using imported polyurethane modified materials and advanced production and processing equipment, the shock-absorbing block produced has extremely high bearing capacity and resilience
        Best product application field

        Total area of the factory

        Production R&D personnel

        Large-scale production equipment

        Customer cooperation case

        News Center

        Customer-centric, technology-driven


        Provide excellent products and services

        Shan Dong Bester Polymer Technology Co.,Ltd.
        Shan Dong Bester Polymer Technology Co.,Ltd. is a research, Design, production of high-tech and innovative enterprises. The company is committed to research and development and application of new materials, products, focusing on the development of high-performance polyurethane products, modified composite plastics and special rubber products......
        Years of experience

        Focus on product production

        Starting from the source

        Using imported raw materials

        Strict quality control

        Escorting production

        Contact us
        Add: 2112 rooms of 2 ideal Kajo Takara-ku, Jinan-shi, Mountain Directions
        Tel: 0531-88608701     
        Fax: 0531-88608702
        Contact: Mr  Liu    Mobile: 13655318869     
        Contact: Mr  Ren     Mobile: 18753118287